GTP.NET for Windows Forms and for ASP.NET with support for Ajax
the interactive Gantt chart and Schedule chart

We are proud to present GTP.NET : GTP.NET is a component package for .NET. The components helps you with time visualization and interaction. GTP.NET contains a fully interactive Gantt chart and a fully interactive Schedule chart. GTP.NET components can be delivered via WindowsForms applications, ASP.NET, Microsoft Ajax and even in reduced trust environments like ClickOnce and XBAP. GTP.NET is runtime license free.

One of the exciting new things in GTP.NET is the “Gantt_ASP Client side moveable time items”, or Ajax time items if you would like. This enables you to build true web 2.0 solutions with the GTP.NET. We have several Ajax samples running here. In these samples we bind to a datasource to show GridNodes and GanttRows with some TimeItems. You can move and resize the time items in the browser. You can even switch rows for time items in the browser. We also added the Schedule mode to the Gantt_ASP to allow you to flip the Gantt-chart to a schedule.

The interactive Gantt chart for Windows Forms has also been extended. One thing in particular that makes the GTP.NET stand out from the crowd is the selectable and re-assignable links. And in newer versions of GTP.NET we take it even one step further by providing full databind for links between time items, it has never been easier than today to whip up a good maintainable gui for your time based information. The package offers ASP.NET with Ajax and Windows Forms Gantt. Since the product is fully security aware you can even deploy XBAP or ClickOnce solutions with internet trust level.

Interactive Gantt chart from plexityHide

GTP.NET boxshot





Introduction to GTP.NET 
GTP.NET contains a sample series named “LetsBuild_”. Currently there are 3 distinctively different samples in this series. They are “LetsBuild_ProjectPlanner”, “LetsBuild_ResourceBooker” and “LetsBuild_WeeklyPlanner”.
The 3 samples shows different patterns of time visualization and manipulation. Depending on your current task you can choose the sample that resembles your need at hand the most and quickly get started with GTP.NET.
All 3 samples are short and to the point of the problem they solve. You will want to elaborate a lot more to get a compelling finished product.
PlexityHide also offers a lot more specialized samples that can be downloaded to really get in deep with the GTP.NET object model, but if you just stick to the “LetsBuild_” samples series we believe you will get started and introduced to the important parts just fine.
The samples build WindowsForms applications, and they are key to understanding GTP.NET even if your aim is to build ASP.NET or Ajax solutions with the GTP.NET.

News in 10.0
  • Nuget packages for easy integration
  • ImageList icon draw on TimeItems and Grid
  • DateScaler improved precision
  • TimeItem Link style “Middle” introduced
  • DeadTime functionlity and styling
News in 3.0 from 2.3
  • Microsoft Ajax support with client movable and re-sizable time items
  • ASP.NET Schedule (Ajax enabled also)
  • Datescaler has better hour-style presentation for ScheduleMode
  • GUI Re-assignable links (Windows forms)
  • Full databind of Links, TimeItems, GridNodes (A lot of improvements)
  • ConflictAreas and detailed tracking of colliding areas for time items
  • New TimeItemStyles
  • DateScaler zoom around click point
  • Methods to find objects from UserReference on GridNodes, GanttRows, Layers and TimeItems
  • PickValueEdit in Grid, to ease input work on users, a window can popup and allow users to choose from common values
  • TimeMoveMarkers to help users see where movements end up
  • GTP.NET has been made fully security aware, reducing functionality automatically in low trust environments (ClickOnce, XBAP)
  • Really down to earth understandable samples on how to build A ProjectPlanner, A Resource booker and A Week planner using Databind

We made the best interactive Gantt in the world even better, and we made it turn into a Schedule, or is it a Schedule that can turn into a Gantt? It’s GTP.NET!

“…time is the dimension that no one can ignore…”

What was new in 2.3.1:
Now the GTP.NET fully supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Borland Developer Studio 2005 and Borland Developer Studio 2006.
Deeper zoom; now you can zoom down to milliseconds (you need this when tracking satellites )
TimeMoveMarkers to help users resize and move with precision
Copy and cut from selected grid cells
Gantt_ASP behaves better and faster (memory handling revised)
ConflictAreas, for all users that need precise information about current time item conflicts (much more detailed handling than collisionDetection)
ImageIndex of timeItemTextLayout now allows for easy placement of multiple icons on a TimeItem, with or without an associated text
SelectNewdataBoundRows to easily catch new rows from dataset
Many small quality improvements makes this the best release yet. Constant feedback from field reports has made GTP.NET 2.1.3 a robust, stable and very competent component package. Gantt_ASP reduced in size, and performance improvements. Help file is updated in this release

GTP.NET contains a fully user controllable Gantt chart and Schedule that you can integrate into your .NET projects to visualize your data. It is priced per developer seat and has no runtime fees.

Interactive Gantt chart from plexityHide
Interactive Schedule chart from plexityHide

These features came in the 2.0 version


You probably will not believe it, but flip the whole Gantt into a Schedule, grabbing the first column and making it into an header with only one method call…


Let end user Select and re-assign links with the mouse


Link actions are rules that will evaluate when the target changes. Choose to set automatic actions on links, like LinkActionFollow, LinkActionNeverPass or to trigger an event whenever the time items are touched


Enables you to use link actions between time items, without a visible link (good for progressbars with linkActionFollow)

Print Extensions

ScheduleMode and Multi Page Print divided on both X and Y axis now supported


Method call MakeSureVisible on TimeItem,Cell and GridNode, common request from developers


Easily allow user to add a new time item by clicking and dragging by setting this new MouseMode

Gantt_ASP – Paging

Gantt_ASP – Paging, to break up data (rows) over many pages with numbered page links in the bottom


UserDrawLinks – Draw your own links

Improved Link rendering

Improved Link rendering – links avoid running thru target and start

Grid Row resize

Grid Rowresize – end user row resize

Improved Collision Detection

Better performance on large volumes

GridNode filter

GridNodes can be hidden from view while they still are in the databound list.

Month day numbers

DateScaler – Month day numbers instead of week presentations is now an option

New help file structure

More in tune with Visual Studio help

VB.NET samples

All our C# samples now has a VB.NET equivalent

F1 help integration in VS

Just press F1 and found out detailed info and samples on classes in the plexityHide.GTP namespace

Just to straighten things out: Can it look like msProject? Yes, msProject is a pretty simple tool compared to GTP.NET.

Will it work just like msProject? Not unless you add business logic for project planning.

“…The control performs very well and it is a pleasure to use.”

Ian Campell, Workbrain

Another Gantt chart
And yet Another Gantt chart

“In short, I highly recommend this component to anybody who is need of a well performing, elegantly designed gantt chart like functionality.”

Tolga Erdogus, MIT

Even more Gantt charts

Sure you will find users for your system even though you do not allow for graphical presentation and graphical change of time based information… But why not add some spice? GTP.NET is the fruit of 2000+ man hours of focused work. You can use it for as little as $US 795 per developer seat; that is less than 40 cents an hour… Even low priced developers cannot beat these prices. We know cause we get clients from traditional “cheaper to write than buy” regions of the world. But to be fair, price is not the reason to license GTP.NET, there are far more compelling reasons, please read on.

“…I am really impressed with your GTP.NET control. It is well designed, has great features, and is very customizable….”

Menny Marangoudakis, Webvisual

There’s a catch, right?

Is there a catch? No! It is generic. We can keep these prices cause we got volume, every line of business you can imagine can benefit from this work; Inventory, booking, rental, planning, reporting, sales, manufacturing, production; time is simply the dimension that no one can ignore, and if you do not want to hide it you should spare no expense to visualize it.

Go ask your most technical skilled and trusted developer; “Can we do it to a lower price and reach the same quality?”. Also tell him/her that you can buy the complete c# source for $US 1699.

The overall goal and purpose with this package is to let you visualize and manipulate time based information, in a snap, using .NET, nothing but .NET

“I have been evaluating your GTP.NET product for the past couple of weeks. It meets all my requirements for my application I am very happy with it…”

Coupland, Tony, Maron Systems

Another Gantt chart, again

Some of the many original 1.0 highlights and features
  • Multi column grid with edit modes like date time, multitext, combobox, checkbox and user defined
  • Full hierarchical grid capabilities with tree structure in definable column
  • Cell layout properties that control every aspect of cell rendering including fonts, padding, spacing and individual lines
  • Row-wrap that increase row heights automatically
  • DataSource aware on root- and sub-nodes
  • Column rearrange with semi transparent headings
  • Multi select
  • Full print integrated in .NET with preview sample
  • Datescaler with free zoom and resolution
  • Fisheye let you control one area of higher magnification
  • Every grid row has unlimited amount of drawing layers for time items
  • Each drawing layer can hold an unlimited amount of time items
  • Time items with separate time item layout properties that controls every aspect of time item rendering
  • Many time items predefined, out of the box
  • Full freedom to draw your own time items
  • Every time item has unlimited time item texts, with time item text layout properties that give you full control over padding, text alignment, font and color
  • Time item links, 4 different styles out of the box
  • Background and foreground can be extended with user draw
  • Semi transparent move of time items
  • Move events of time items lets you apply or discard user actions
  • Time hour hiding to conserve space
  • Day-type hiding to conserve space
  • Asynchronous Collision detection and handling of time items
  • Sub column handling on time rows
  • Time presentation adapts to windows locales
  • And many, many more really good things that you would want in your favorite time visualization tool of the 21:th century…

“… Thanks to plexityHide, I have a wonderful chart that shows Jobs broken down into pieces which are each broken down into visits to various plant resources (ovens, saws, sanders, painters, etc.)”

Mark Duff, Labtops

30 days free no-nonsense evaluation. 30 days full money back guarantee after key delivery. Put your trust in us like 400+ companies has done before. You will benefit by doing more with less.

Will it never end, Another Gantt chart

And please remember that the overall goal and purpose with this package is to let you visualize and manipulate time based information, in a snap.

So what is a Gantt component anyway? Well the definitions may vary but with the plexityHide c# Gantt you can visualize time based information from your database, and you may allow your end users to change this information by dragging time bars. And your users might want to zoom the date scale freely, maybe down from minutes up to years. But basically a Gantt chart is a hierarchical grid of information to the left. Every row in that grid keeps zero, one or many time items displayed under a time scale. Gantt components are frequently used to visualize dependencies between such time items, we call it links. When a Gantt chart is active, letting users actually change information by keyboard and mouse, the need to handle colliding time items become apparent. Our Gantt does this straight from the box if you want it to.

Software components must be extremely configurable in order to fit as many developers needs as possible. It is virtually impossible to build something that suits everyone in one go. We solve this problem by listening to your feedback. Of course we have had a gigantic leap start since we tuned up the original phGantTimePackage COM components for three years.

Another Gantt chart

Which one is for you?

If you are in a .NET environment (VS2003, VS2005, VS2008, VS2010, VS2012) you want to stay there,
because it is superb compared to anything else. You should choose GTP.NET.

If you are in a COM environment choose phGantTimePackage COM.

If you are in Borland Delphi or Borland C++Builder, you should go with the VCL version of phGantTimePackage.

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