Gantt VCL/ActiveX

phGantTimePackage For Developers

phGantTimePackagePlexityHide develops OO-applications, tools and components
for windows using com, VCL and .NET. We develop and support the
phGantTimePackage, the market leading component package for time

Available as .NET compatible ActiveX and VCL.

New version out 3.2; (what’s new?)

NEW product to consider GTP.NET; Full C# Gantt
chart with manipulation.

The phGantt and phSchema-components are part of the plexityHide
phGantTimePackage. It is a fast, fully object-oriented ActiveX component,
written in Delphi 7.0 and compatible with all ActiveX-containers and .NET.
(including but not limited to Visual Studio, VB6, FoxPro, Access, Delphi, BCB,

Gantt chart diagrams are a good way of presenting scheduled tasks. Almost all
administrative software systems deal with scheduling of some sort, either if it
is things to come or things that have happened. phGantTimePackage covers the
need for presentation and manipulation. There are other products that cover the
need for presentation but no other product ties the powerful presentation
together with manipulation like the phGantTimePackage.


Using the phGantTimePackage you will be able to meet your future users
expectations of viewing and manipulating time information. You can as a
developer still keep your own personal touch of look and feel, and still get
complex things done quickly. You can as a manager trust in that your developers
has a state of the art time visualizing tool, and that they will be able to grow
with it and use it in many projects for tasks not yet thought of. Your company
do NOT need to pay royalties or runtime fees. These components are truly generic
and are frequently used in many branches of industry and service. And when it
comes to producing output the time package do not set any limitations, just
specify what you want to see and send it to the printer or a bitmap, or a jpeg,
or a third party reporting tool. We at plexityHide recognize your need for
stable and long lasting investments. We know that this is what the time package
offers. Read the testimonials.

When is the delivery due? How long has she been employed? Is that office
taken next Friday? Who works this weekend? When did that plane arrive? Does this
event depend on other things? In which order should this be done? Why is it
taking so long? What happens next year? Does it correlate to what happened last
year? Hey you cannot rent that room to two persons at the same time, can you?
What is the overlap? Time visualization is needed in almost all
administrative projects!

Grid features:
  • Many inplace edit modes; combobox, edit, memo, checkbox, datetimepicker
  • Tree behavior
  • All cells can have separate layout properties that enables you to set font
    and color amongst other properties
  • Sorting per column
  • Multi select
  • Key navigation
  • Virtual load to handle millions of rows
Date scale features:
  • Settable fonts and content strings
  • Zooming time by dragging mouse
  • Traversing time by ctrl dragging
  • High resolution; from seconds to decades
  • Adaptive presentation, toggles between seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks,
    months, quarters, years, decades
  • Hide individual hours, like night time, from presentation
  • Hide individual days, like weekends, from presentation
Time area features:
  • Graphical manipulation of time items, move, resize and change row. All
    settable per row
  • Automatic collision detection available
  • Infinite number of time items per row
  • Infinite number of drawing layers per row
  • Many different time styles available out of the box
  • User draw events for user definable time items
  • Infinite number of Text content objects per time item
  • User events for rendering background
  • User events for rendering user designed objects in foreground
  • Links between time items
  • Different link styles available
  • User events for rendering links
Package features:
  • An equally competent schema component is included in the phGantTimePackage
  • Straightforward and simple interface for programming
  • C# samples
  • Samples showing loading to and from access database
  • Many different samples for VB6, easily portable to any environment
  • Complete Help file
  • Components usable both for simple information tasks and really complex
    application development. More features than MSProject Gantt
  • Highly configurable. The components do not need to look the same for every
  • Supported by professional system developers with long experience
  • Available for download today; you can be done with your Gantt visualizing
    this afternoon…
  • Full source available for purchase
  • Tested and compatible with .NET

If you are still not convinced that this product is good for you, please at
least download the fully functional evaluation package. Download. Hey, it’s free to evaluate for 45 days, and
you can do some pretty cool stuff with it. Download and see for yourself, the
competition will.

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