10188 : Differences between phGantTimePackage COM and VCL


We are looking at your phGantTimePackage Evaluation COM edition and VCL edition.
Are the two products the same in terms of functionality?
Do we have to choose one or the other – or are both available in same license?

Is source code available?


The phGantTimePackage VCL and COM has one source. The COM edition has COM wrapping code around it, and does not expose all the functionality of the VCL source. However the COM version is better documented because it has a bigger and more demanding audience.

All in all the functionality is more or less the same. The VCL version in D7 integrates into the BOLD framework and that really rocks! (Bold came with Delphi7 Architect version and is the best MDA framework in the world, in Delphi2005 the guys that made Bold made ECOII and is a strong contender for the title of the best MDA framework in the world)

The VCL version is rather detailed in its object model (almost as detailed as GTP.NET the .NET Gantt ).

If you license the source you can build the OCX from it, using Delphi7 or Delphi2005, and use it as VCL components, with or without BOLD

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