Remove the RT-Key marking 2021 and onwards

To obtain a RT-Key (free for holders of GTP.NET license) follow these steps:

Login or create an account on – this is our sister company and we have consolidated all license management here.

Once logged in go to Views/Runtime Keys in th emain menu. Then Enter license key and choose GTP.NET product:


Then Generate key. Copy the value you get.


static void Main()

  RuntimeKey.Check.Register(“GTPNETblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblur”, “GENERATEDKEYblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblurblur”);


GTP.NET Gantt_ASP upgraded to use AjaxControlToolkit 16.x

This is all for the better but requires some changes to you current project.

When you use the Gantt_ASP you would have had something like this in your aspx page:


We need to change it since the AjaxControlToolkit does not need the special ToolkitScriptManager any longer and it does not exist in the namespace.

Also the names of the scripts we rely on to move around time items has change names.

Your code should look like below if you use plexityHide.GTP.dll’s from after this date 2016-06-11.



  • Replace ToolkitScriptManager with ScriptManager
  • Drop the attributes of ScriptManager ; CombineScripts and ScriptMode
  • Change Common.Common.js to Common.js
  • Change Compat.DragDrop.DragDropScripts.js to Compat.DragDrop.js
  • Increase your applications .net version to 4.5

Auto row scrolling

When you drag a time item outside of the screen – in the time direction – you auto scroll in time. But when dragging the time item out of screen to the top or bottom we should auto scroll rows.

This needs a new event since we are not really sure exactly how the Gantt Rows are grouped to form a Gantt chart – you can use any control like a DataGrid or a ListView to group the rows.

This is one example of how to implement row scrolling with the new event:

    private void _GanttControl_OnConsiderRowAutoScroll(object sender, OnConsiderRowAutoScrollArgs e)
      var trans= e.TimeItem.TransformToVisual(_GanttControl);
      var posInGanttCoords = trans.Transform(new Point(0, 0));
      if (posInGanttCoords.Y < _GanttControl.DateScaler.ActualHeight)
        // scroll up
        ControlTemplate template = this._ItemsControl.Template;
        ScrollViewer scrollViewer = (ScrollViewer)template.FindName("_ScrollViewer", this._ItemsControl);
        e.ScrollDoneReMeassure = true;

      if (posInGanttCoords.Y > _GanttControl.ActualHeight)
        //scroll down
        ControlTemplate template = this._ItemsControl.Template;
        ScrollViewer scrollViewer = (ScrollViewer)template.FindName("_ScrollViewer", this._ItemsControl);
        e.ScrollDoneReMeassure = true;



In this particular case the Gantt is held in a ItemsControl that has a scrollviewer that has the name of _ScrollViewer. So the new Event OnConsiderRowAutoScroll is called whenever the TimeItem is dragged of the GanttRow.

Then we need to check if the TimeItem should initiate an AutoScroll – and if it does we need to scroll and set the flag e.ScrollDoneReMeassure=true – this way the Gantt knows that the worlds has changed.


How are images delivered to the Gantt_ASP

Gantt_ASP uses generated images to build up the view.

The images used to come from an aspx page called GTPImg.aspx

This is no longer the case. Instead images are served up by a handler called GetImage.ashx.

Handlers are defined in the config file. The old developer server (before IIS Express) had a different way to define the handler.

Check the config file below if you have any problems to get images to show.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- this section needed for iis7-->
      <add name="GetImage" verb="*" path="GetImage.ashx" 
type="PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.GetImage, PlexityHide.GTP.WEB" /> </handlers> </system.webServer> <appSettings /> <connectionStrings /> <system.web> <!-- this section needed for developer server <httpHandlers> <add verb="*" path="GetImage.ashx" type="PlexityHide.GTP.WEB.GetImage, PlexityHide.GTP.WEB" /> </httpHandlers> -->

GTP.NET 6 – 2015

Summary of recent news in GTP.NET

When TimeScrollUse is true a scrollbar is added to allow scroll in time from TimeScrollMinDate to TimeScrollMaxDate


TimeItemStyle.RowHeightScale – To better facilitate use of screen space and time precision a new time item drawing style has been added.
In this style the drawing is divided into multiple rectangles – one per lower scale band – and the end parts are drawn as a schedule – both for start and end.
This allows users to have greater precision on move and resize:



Gantt_ASP now use handler to serve up images and deals with error that IE10 & 11 use doubles as coordinates where as Chrome and FF use integers


RightToLeft support for the whole Gantt including Grid and Printing: