10257 : OnBeforeEndEditCell need the content in the editor


After editing a cell, I need to perform a check which cells are empty, so I need some kind of afterCellEdit event. I tried the ‘OnBeforeEndEditCell’-event, but it ignores the current cell, because the event fires before the end of the editing (doh…). Here’s my code:

    Private Function getLastRowInUse() As Integer
        Dim node As GridNode
        Dim lastNodeInUse As Integer = 0
        For Each node In grdTasks.RootNodes
            If node.GetCell(2).Content.Value <> “” Then
                lastNodeInUse = node.Index
            End If
        Return lastNodeInUse
    End Function


You  can keep this code but you also need to check the cell that is about to be applied.
This value can be obtained by inspecting the value in the editor.
So if the cell has a datetime picker you would do like this to check the value in the editor

   if (beforeEndEdit.Cell.Content is PlexityHide.GTP.TimeDate)
     (beforeEndEdit.Cell.Content as TimeDate).DateTime…

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