10403 : GTP.NET for a ASP.NET gantt_OnAreaAttributes


I’m evaluating GTP.NET for a ASP.NET – App.
In the event “gantt_OnAreaAttributes(Gantt_ASP aGantt, AreaAttributeEventArgs e)” is like to use UserReference-Property of the TimeItem (Key-ID of a Database-Record)
How can i do this?


You can use the information in the e.GroupName and e.ItemKey.

For  e.AreaKind==AreaKind.TimeItem the e.GroupName will be “TI;” and the ItemKey you can send into the Gantt_ASP.TimeItemFromKey and you will get the TimeItem back so:

Gantt_ASP.TimeItemFromKey(e.ItemKey).UserReference will do it.

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