10335 : Gantt component on my XP 64 bit system.


I purchased the Gantt Time Package ActiveX a few years ago and it is working wonderfully. However, I switched to a new development PC which is running Win XP x64. I cannot get the plexityHide gantt installation program to run on this OS so that I can continue to develop my app in VB 6. All my other 32 bit components install and run fine on this machine.

Can you suggest a way that I can install the Gantt component on my XP 64 bit system. I feel certain that the component itself will work fine on this machine. I think it is just a restriction on the setup program.


If you still have a 32-bit system with the installation you can simply move the files from the installation folder.

The only important registration that takes place during installation is the regsvr32.exe call on the ocx, so you must do that by hand.( at the run prompt write regsvr32 <path>/phGantTimePackage.ocx).


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